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Pakistan is blessed with rich variety of fauna and flora and matchless landscapes. The mighty Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush mountain ranges with their alpine meadows, from Gawadar coastal line to Cholistan deserts, from Moenjodaro ruins (Indus civilization) to panoramic Hunza valley, from the lofty peaks of K2 to Khunjerab Pass (the highest mountain pass) are some of the remarkable attractions for nature and adventure lovers.

Whether you are enthusiastic in Mughals architect, in culture, museums, trekking tours, mountain expeditions, desert safaris, mountain safaris, camel safaris, or you want to have a wonderful experience of travelling on Karakoram Highway (Silkroute, the seventh wonder), Pakistan will be your ideal choice. Highly recommending you to travel Pakistan as one of the top destinations in the world – We are proud to open the door to Pakistan and welcome you to this incredible land.

PAKISTAN emerged as an independent country on 14 August 1947, but it has a history of over five thousand years. The land of Pakistan has been a cradle of ancient civilizations. With well-developed cities, Indus Valley Civilization was contemporary of the Nile, Mesopotamian and Yellow River civilizations. Over two thousand years ago, Gandhara Buddhist Civilization flourished in northern Pakistan, with Taxila as a seat of Buddhist learning.

Famous Chinese scholars, including Xuan Zang, had traveled to Taxila to study the Buddhist scriptures. These travels are celebrated in the famous Chinese novel Xi You Ji (Journey to the West). Today, the Karakoram Highway that links Pakistan and China runs parallel to the fabled silk route of the past.

Pakistan’s Islamic heritage goes back to over a thousand years, and combines traditions of Central Asia and West Asia in its architecture, poetry and literature. The richness of Pakistan's history, cultural traditions and heritage is matched by the diversity and beauty of Pakistan's landscape.